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Lec 19 - Beck's and Willy Chyr: A Glimpse of Something Ephemeral

Lec 19 - Beck's and Willy Chyr: A Glimpse of Something Ephemeral. Willy Chyr is one of six artist who have taken over the Beck's bottle this summer. We believe in supporting independent thinkers. And the world can always use more art and less labels. Other artists include Grammy nominated singer/song-writer M.I.A. from London, Aerosyn-Lex from New York, Bert Rodriguez from Los Angeles, Freegums from Miami and Geoff McFetridge from Los Angeles Videos, daily updates, and more: http://www.facebook.com/becksbeer Official website: http://www.becks.com Willy Chyr -- Chicago based Installations Artists. The combination of degrees in physics and economics, alongside time spent with Le Vorris & Vox Circus where he learned how to twist balloons, has resulted in Chyr's incredible science-inspired artworks of stunning inflated balloon sculptures. Chyr's label design is titled A Glimpse of Something Ephemeral. Music Credits: Pick Her Up by Oto, Picnic

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