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Lec 13 - Chicago Society - . November 30, 2010 The Soviet Arts Experience is spearheaded by the University of Chicago Presents (UCP), the University's professional presenting organization. The Soviet Arts Experience sponsors include The University of Chicago, The University of Chicago Arts Council, National Endowment for the Arts, Illinois Arts Council, and The Women's Board of the University of Chicago. "The initial idea for The Soviet Arts Experience developed after a meeting with the Pacifica Quartet," said Shauna Quill, Executive Director of University of Chicago Presents. "I heard about the Quartet's plans to perform the complete Shostakovich string quartet cycle, which had never been performed in its entirety before in Chicago. We quickly arranged a think tank of University of Chicago scholars, which led to a million wonderful ideas. We've been thrilled by the response of so many diverse arts organizations across Chicago."

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