Lec 18 - Seasons and Climate Classification

"Lec 18 - Seasons and Climate Classification" The Atmosphere, the Ocean and Environmental Change (GG 140) The seasonal cycle on Earth causes shifts in the bands of precipitation in the northern and southern hemispheres. The polar front shifts between high and mid-latitudes which causes a latitudinal shift in the occurrence of frontal cyclones. The Intertropical Convergence Zone also shifts across the equator bringing bands of precipitation to different tropical regions throughout the year. Regional climates on Earth have been classified based on temperature and precipitation values. Areas affected by seasonal shifts in the ITCZ and polar front are included in this classification scheme. Several examples of seasonality are discussed as well as seasonal weather and climate events. 00:00 - Chapter 1. Sunlight Seasonality in the Arctic Circle 05:03 - Chapter 2. Seasonal Zone Shifts 16:57 - Chapter 3. Precipitation Seasonality 24:49 - Chapter 4. Climate Classification 33:44 - Chapter 5. Examples of Seasonality 44:06 - Chapter 6. Seasonally Controlled Events Complete course materials are available at the Open Yale Courses website: http://oyc.yale.edu This course was recorded in Fall 2011.

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