Lec 13 - The Athenian Empire

"Lec 13 - The Athenian Empire" Introduction to Ancient Greek History (CLCV 205) In this lecture, Professor Kagan traces the development and the power of the Persian empire. He also shows how the Persian empire and the Greek world eventually came into conflict through a few incidents concerning Ionian Greeks in Asia Minor, which eventually turned into the Persian Wars. Professor Kagan ends this lecture with a description of the events of the battle of Marathon in which the Athenians defeated the Persians. 00:00 - Chapter 1. The Rise of the Persian Empire 15:07 - Chapter 2. Clashes with the Persian Empire 32:40 - Chapter 3. The Beginning of the Persian Wars 37:37 - Chapter 4. Further Developments Leading to the War with Persia 49:47 - Chapter 5. The Battle of Marathon Complete course materials are available at the Open Yale Courses website: http://open.yale.edu/courses This course was recorded in Fall 2007.

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