The Foundations of Light

The Foundations of Light /n Photons are often described pictorially as travelling E/B wave pairs. But, they also annihilate into light fermion matter/anti-matter pairs. The travelling E/B wave pair description is an undeniable consequence of Maxwell's equations, and matter/anti-matter pair annihilation is equally irrefutable. So, what is the picture, and what is going on, here ? That light fermions and their interactions have been well described as S sub R matrix instances, gives rise to the notion that photons are also S sub R matrix instances, paired, as is indicated by Maxwell's equations. Photons may be best understood as 3×3×3 S sub R matrices. That is, as the 2-dimensional 3×3 S sub R matrices extended into an additional depth dimension (of the same set as the others)(recall the reason from reference [1]) (picture as a Rubik's-cube, rather than a square). Referring back to references [1], [2], [3], & [4]; this structure was noted even back then. The 3×3 S sub R matrix structure was the basic introductory structure baby step - all that was necessary to define the light fermions (leptons & quarks), and the light fermion interaction. The 3×3×3 S sub R matrix structure may be displayed in two dimensions, as shown./n Examples of this nature have already been noticed in reference [1], during certain interactions. On S sub R matrix fusion, components of the same column/generation fill higher depth dimensional slots in the matrix, if necessary (as seen in some examples in reference [1], when more than one column-object singleton of the same column/generation fuse filling the same column/generation slot are actually filling the same column/generation slot in the next depth dimensional object entries,of the 3×3×3 S sub R matrix). Photons are not fully decomposed into singletons, but each is a depth-wise E/B pair as 3×3×3 matrices. A photon S sub R matrix structure for a given column/generation may be viewed as shown. /nBecause these photons are pairs, they have integral spin. /nTo include photons, the mass and charge definitions are similarly changed slightly, as shown. /n In this way, the charge and mass constituents in the 1st two depths of a column-object is as ordinarily, unless they are differing lepton types - in which case, the charge and all the mass constituents (and so the total mass, also) are zero. The slight modification in the mass formula insures that photons satisfy Maxwell's equations, and through them the wave equation. Because their mass constituents are zero (and so their rest mass), their properties are independant of the column/generation they are in, but just what column/generation they are in determines what lepton pair they annhilate into (or at least initially, or with highest probability), although through interaction chaining, this may be superfluous. Thus,when the photon two depth structure degenerated into single depth arangements, first order objects arose. This design (still relatively simple), also, suggests (at least), that originally photons did not arise from first order objects, though they may under the following interaction model. /n The photon self-interaction has some similarities to the fermion interaction, but is depth-wise, as all the B's flip to E-bar's (or B's flip to E-bar's ), as shown. This interaction is commonly known as matter/anti-matter pair creation (and reversing, as annihilation). /n Note that a photon has flippable entry-wise combinations between the column-objects, but after a photon self-interaction it no longer has flippable entry-wise combinations between the column-objects. The pair may either flip back, break-apart degenerating into single depth objects (as shown above), or become a part of a fermion interaction chain. /nAs always, all my books are available on Kindle in digital format at amazon.com, and links to all my books are shown: /n https://sites.google.com/site/themathematicalnatureofreality//n https://sites.google.com/site/themathematicalnatureofreality/config/pagetemplates/books

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