Expressing the Dirac Equation as a Generalization of Maxwell

Expressing the Dirac Equation as a Generalization of Maxwell's Equations Using the bijective transformations between the Dirac equation and the special case of the Maxwell-Cassano equations the Dirac equation is expressed as a generalization of Maxwell's equations, via familiar field potentials and field strengths. /nread/download the pdf at: http://viXra.org/abs/1504.0012 /nthe mass-generalized Maxwell-Cassano electromagnetic-nuclear field strengths E & B may be expressed in terms of the potentials in a Dirac representation, /nThe mass-generalized Maxwell-Cassano electromagnetic-nuclear field equations were written in terms of θ_sub_D_to_the_i in the Dirac representation, but not in terms of the above E & B field strengths. /nThus, the Dirac equation is a guage invariant field, written in terms of field potentials and field strengths. It is sad to be lost within a Glashow-Salam-Weinberg + Higgs fairytale and acquiesce to confinement within a cell of which an open door to which has been revealed. The truth will leave these in the dust as it moves on and beyond. With this & [1] & [2], I have killed not only the Glashow-Salam-Weinberg + Higgs model, but the quantum mechanics probabilistic model; because probability amplitudes are no longer the fundamentals, but field potentials akin to the field potentials of Maxwell's electromagnetic field theory. (Note that any function with a finite-valued definite-integral (over it's full limits) can be normalized and cast as a "probability density/distribution function". It's applicability to a given situation is a question. There are a number of probability density/distribution functions; such as the Binomial distribution, Normal/Gaussian distribution, Pareto distribution, Student's t-distribution, etc. Thus, merely asserting an applicability of a probability density/distribution function to a given situation does not make it so. ) No longer are physicists and engineers fumbling in the dark, but actual engineering can be done again - free from "interpretations" - following in the footsteps of the likes of Hertz, Ampère, Oersted, and Marconi. /nI have shot them between the eyes, decaptated them, disemboweled them, dismembered them, run them through a wood-chipper, bathed them in hydroflouric acid, boiled them, and fed them to swine. Only Jason Voorhees could return, again. /nThe Glashow-Salam-Weinberg + Higgs model, and the quantum mechanics probabilistic model are zombies and will eat your brain! Already they are eating the brains of physicists, and have eaten the brains of countless physicists over recent decades!!

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