Evidence Biochip Analyser

Evidence is the world's first fully automated multiplex immunoassay. The Evidence performs simultaneous quantitative detection of a wide test menu across the full Randox portfolio of biochip assays. Biochips are 9x9mm solid substrates with multiple Discrete Test Regions (DTRs) arranged in an array on the surface. At present, Randox biochips hold 25 DTRs but, if required, the test capacity can be increased dramatically. Biochip Array Technology relies on the basic principles of immunology, using competitive and sandwich immunoassays. Horseradish peroxidase-labelled detection creates a chemiluminescent signal at each DTR, all of which are simultaneously measured by the CCD camera and interpreted by the analyser software. Evidence won the MacRobert award, the UK's most prestigious award for innovation in engineering. The Royal Academy of Engineering selected Evidence for the award to recognise that it is innovative, will make a significant contribution to society, and will be a significant commercial success.

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