Lec 5 - Sustainable Living Program

"Lec 5 - Sustainable Living Program" Fran Pavley on "Environmental Policy" as part of the Education for Sustainable Living Program (ESLP). ESLP is a student designed, student developed, and student facilitated program offered through UCLA's Institute of the Environment. ESLP runs a Lecture Series which brings guest speakers from UCLA and across the country to speak on specialized subjects including food systems, green business, organic gardens, sustainable living, the green economy, environmental justice, transportation, as well as sustainability projects across Los Angeles. More information can be found at www.eslp-la.com. Senator Fran Pavley represents Senate District 23 - including portions of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties - in the California Legislature. She was elected to the forty member State Senate in November, 2008 and was immediately appointed to chair the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee by Senate pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg. While in the Senate, Fran will focus on education, water, consumer protection, and creating a clean, secure energy future for California and the U.S., causes she has championed over the course of her career. Some clips and images may have been blurred or removed to avoid copyright infringement. * See all the UCLA Education for Sustainable Living classes in this series: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list... * See more courses from UCLA: http://www.youtube.com/uclacourses * See more from UCLA's main channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/ucla

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