Prebiotics, the food of Pros!

"Prebiotics, the food of Pros!" was made with the purpose of educate people on the diference between probiotics and prebiotics./nIt unveils that our gut is home to hundreds of different microbes, including good and bad bacteria. These bacteria play a vital role in keeping us healthy./nAs an effort to guarantee our gut is colonized by the right type of microbes (good bacteria), one could ingest bacteria with proven healthy benefits known as Probiotics./nThese healthy bacteria are commonly added to yoghurt and other drinks./nTo boost the healthy benefits conferred by Probiotics, one could consume foods with high contents of special fibers, which can only be digested by the Probiotics./nThese fibers, known as Prebiotics, are found in foods, such as bananas, chicory, garlic and artichoke. /nThe products of Prebiotics digestion, short chain fatty acids (SCFA), are then used in functions, such as metabolism and cell growth. SCFAs have also been shown to have anti-cancer properties.

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