Lec 6 - Law 270.7 Transmission and Deregulation

Law 270.7 Transmission and Deregulation September 24, 2008 Transmission Challenges -- Central station renewable energy sources, such as wind and thermal, are most promising and easiest to develop in remote places. Ensuring that there is sufficient electric transmission capacity to deliver this power to market and deciding who should pay for the transmission lines are major challenge now facing many state and federal regulators. Deregulation and Its Role in Promoting Renewable Energy -- Wholesale competition drives energy service providers to purchase the lowest-cost option, which will not always be renewable. This requires government to impose standards on the energy service providers to encourage renewable power development. Retail competition has been held out as a great way to promote renewable power, since many customers may choose a renewable option, even if it costs a little more. We will consider the pros and cons of retail competition, and assess its promise to advance renewable power.

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