Green Careers: Clean Energy - Solar Power (clip)

In this program, we'll view the entire range of jobs needed to make solar power a reality from research and development, design and marketing, and financial analysis to construction and project management. Engineers, analysts and managers share with us both how they work in this emerging green industry and how they found the opportunity to be part of the clean energy solution. Jobs profiled in this program include: Research & Development Engineer, Design Engineer, Marketing Manager, Financial Analyst, Construction Manager, and Project Manager. 20 minutes, color. direct link to purchase the DVD: http://www.phoenixlearninggroup.com/Products/VideoDetail.aspx?id=16836940-7e5e-4034-8926-dfc2c4c6a035&cat=&sub=6516bc9d-f8fd-4e94-b702-ab180d939306

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