Lec 22 - The Role of Accelerated Computing in the Multi-Core Era

"Lec 22 - The Role of Accelerated Computing in the Multi-Core Era" June 4, 2008 lecture by Charles Moore for the Stanford University Computer Systems Colloquium (EE380). In recent years, we have seen a decline in the rate of improvement on several traditional drivers of value in computer systems, namely transistor performance, wire delays, the return on deep pipelining, and techniques for extracting high numbers of instructions per cycle. In this talk, Charles Moore highlights the implications of some of these shifts and makes some observations about the emergence of a new framework for future innovation. EE380 | Computer Systems Colloquium: http://www.stanford.edu/class/ee380/ Stanford Computer Systems Laboratory: http://csl.stanford.edu/ Stanford Center for Professional Development: http://scpd.stanford.edu/ Stanford University: http://www.stanford.edu/ Stanford University channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/stanford/

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