Insulin Signaling

Insulin Signaling (Signal Pathways). i am not sure if it is explained here but this how insulin pathway works. Activation of the insulin receptor evokes increased transcription of SREBP and the phosphorylation of members of the IRS family, SHC and Cbl. Upon tyrosine phosphorylation, these proteins interact with signaling molecules through their SH2 domains, which results in the activation of a variety of signaling pathways, including PI 3-kinase signaling, MAPK activation and the activation of the Cbl/CAP complex. These pathways act in a coordinated manner to regulate glucose, lipid and protein metabolism. Read more: http://www.abcam.com/index.html?pageconfig=resource&rid=10602&pid=7

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Channels: Cell Biology

Tags: Insulin Signaling

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