Transgenic Mouse

Transgenic Mouse Since the first gene transfers into mice were successfully executed in 1980, transgenic mice have allowed researchers to observe experimentally the roles of genes in development, physiology and disease. Transgenic mice have become a real human pathology model and their use has dramatically increased for the past two decades. Medical devices companies have also succeeded in developing state-of-the-art miniature equipments adapted to mice enabling researchers to maximize their project study. However, with current transgenesis methods, as the additive transgenesis technology, less than 10% of the host embryos integrate the foreign DNA into their genome. This integration process occurs in a random fashion, lacking control of gene expression levels. Besides once the animal founder is born and matured, there is no assurance that the founder animal's offspring will inherit the foreign DNA. All these barriers slow down research developments. Today, a new and innovative technology has revealed to overcome these barriers. A biotechnological company specialized in custom made transgenic mice, introduces the fastest and most powerful tool in transgenesis to boost research activities: from DNA to characterized founders in 2 months only! This new Technology is an outstanding tool for in vivo target validation, drug optimization and pre-clinical studies. It combines the enhanced lineage contribution of the powerful BPES cells with the advantages of targeted construct-copy insertion at the HPRT docking site. This unique technology allows the generation of predictable and reproducible models with high efficiency in a very short time that particularly fits with the demands of the research market (overexpression, gene humanisation, in vivo RNAi models). Text Reff: http://www.transgenicmouse.com/

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