Video Colonoscopy Showing a Parasite in the Cecum

A female Trichuris has been found in the cecum that is the normal habitat of this worms. Trichuriasis is an intestinal infection found in human beings which is caused by Trichuris trichiura, more commonly known as whipworm because of its whip-like appearance. It is characterized by the invasion of the colonic mucosa by the adult Trichuris and produces minor inflammatory changes at the sites of localization. It is prevalent throughout the world, especially in tropical areas. Its diagnosis is usually made by identification of the typical eggs in the stool; adult whipworm is rarely seen during colonoscopy. Colonoscopy can directly diagnose trichuriasis, confirming the threadlike form of worms with an attenuated end. The worms can be overlooked, particularly if colon preparation is imperfect. Attenuated whip-like ends of whipworms, which are embedded in the colonic mucosa

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