Endoscopy of two Giant Gastric Ulcers

This endoscopy shows Giant Gastric Ulcers. This video endoscopy shows two ulcers in a cirrhotic patient. This 82 year old woman who had had severe ascites and previously in the paracentesis procedure had drained 6 liters of ascites liquid, at endoscopy two giant ulcers were found. Liver cirrhosis is frequently associated with complicated peptic ulcer disease. It has been showed that peptic ulcer is more frequent in patients with liver cirrhosis, is associated with the severity of cirrhosis, and occurs without upper abdominal pain in up to 70% of patients and with complications in 29%. This giant ulcer is found at the lesser curvature of the gastric body, macroscopically has suspected, some parameters of malign but the biopsies were negative, however in six week will need a new follow up endoscopy that showed that the ulcer of the antrum is in the scar phase as well as the scar of the ulcer of the body., a six week with proton pump inhibitor (PPI) treatment.

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