Evaporation Machine: Generating power from bacterial spores

Ozgur Sahin and his team at Columbia wanted to find a way of capturing this small movement. Their solution, published in the journal Nature Communications, was to glue billions of these spores together on a plastic tape. Many of these plastic tapes attached together could then start to capture the tiny swelling and contraction of each spore. And that energy could then be converted into a useful form. Simple devices made of bacterial spores, glue, and plastic may allow capturing energy from evaporating water. This video explains the motivation behind our work and the exciting process of scientifically driven innovation. The contents are based on the publication: "Scaling up nanoscale water-driven energy conversion into evaporation-driven engines and generators", Nature Communications, 6:7346 (2015). http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/ncomms8346 For more information, http://www.extremebio.org/

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