Back to the Future Mistakes

Mistake number 10: Here's YOUR mistake. Old Biff traveled BACK to the future BEFORE young Biff could USE the sports almanac. The new future created by young Biff would NOT begin until the MOMENT he used the book (not just because he possessed it). So, no, Old Biff would NOT travel back to the new future young Biff created (when he used the book) because young Biff had not used the book. You're proceeding on a theory that, just the very act of travelling back in time would have changed the future you came from and that is seriously flawed./nMistake number 9: What you are forgetting is this: The 1955 Doc may have been YOUNGER than the Doc in the Wild West but they were from TWO DIFFERENT TIMELINES./nMistake number 8: it wasn't that they couldn't get gasoline. The car was completely mechanically disabled having been shot full of holes. (I guess you were getting popcorn when they discovered this?)/nMistake number 7. OMG DUDE. You need to STOP trying to look for holes in the time travel angles of this movie. You simply stink. Doc created the time travel train then went to the FUTURE and modified it so that it would float and such (he didn't do all those things back in the 1800's and the movie never SAYS he did). When he appears in that train he's coming from the FUTURE not the past. Get it?/nMistake number 6. Two Deloreans would be a paradox, yes, but time travel itself is a paradox. Marty was in 1885 but he wasn't even born yet, if paradoxes bother you THIS would be the one that should bother you most, but instead you focus on the fact there are two Deloreans. Here's another paradox, and this one will make your brain hurt I bet. Doc could not USE the old Delorean after he put it in the cave or it wouldn't be there for Marty to use to get back to his home time, nor would it be there for Marty to use after he got the telegram. Once Doc put the DeLorean in the cave he HAD to leave it alone and NOT TOUCH IT or he could ruin his plan and defeat the purpose of sending the telegram./nYou keep listing paradoxes as mistakes. DUDE, like I said, time travel to the past (earlier than when you were born) itself is a paradox. There would be only one way to "fix" the mistakes you point out, and that is not make the movie. I thought you said you LIKED this movie?/nMistake number 5: You point out an inconsistency and I will recap it here. Doc Brown being struck by lightning and being instantly transported back to 1885 is proof that Marty did not have to be going 88 miles per hour when they used the bolt of lightning to send him back to the future. First of all, this is a QUESTIONABLE hypothesis for one simple reason. When they used the DeLorean to get back to 1985 by a bolt of lightning the lightning did not HIT the DeLorean. The lightning struck the CLOCK TOWER and then through cables was REDIRECTED into the flux capacitor. You state that Marty could have just sat in one place, waited for the lightning, then been sent back to the future. Even if this were TRUE he'd have had to have been waiting at the top of the clock tower where the lightning actually struck./nOkay, so let's assume you are right and that Marty could have just sat, with a cable going into the flux capacitor waiting for the lightning to be redirected, THEY DID NOT KNOW THIS AT THE TIME. How would they have known that Marty did not have to be going 88, but that a lightning strike alone was sufficient enough to send him back to the future? Answer, they would NOT have known at the time they were doing it and would ONLY have figured that out when YOU did (after Doc got struck and sent back to 1885). So your entire "mistake" is a straw man./nMistake number 4: I don't know what to say about this "mistake." They had to go back and get that book from Biff at the EXACT day that he received it for one simple reason. All Biff had to do was READ ANY of the stats in that book and he could USE THEM to change the future. Once Marty got back to 1955 he had to get that book from Biff ASAP, every second Biff had that book was a risk of him getting information of the FUTURE and if you had been paying attention in the first movie any information of the future could have DIRE consequences./nBoth mistake 4 and mistake 10 are similar in that you assume Biff just POSSESSING the book causes the paradox, but in fact, the danger was him gaining INFORMATION from the book and not just having the information, USING it./nMistake number 3: Okay, you're getting better. I pondered over this very problem but you missed an important question. In 1955 Lorraine says "Marty, I like that name." So why did she wait for her second son to be born to USE it? Wouldn't her FIRST SON be named Marty. This would have been very easy for them to do and a funny twist, Marty returns to 1985 and finds his older brother now has HIS name and he's stuck with his older brother's name! Now, addressing your other question. "Wouldn't someone have noticed this kid looks suspiciously like that Calvin kid." YES, they would! Now, go back and watch the END of the first movie. When Marty is kissing Jennifer, he looks back and sees his parents STARING at him through the doorway with a KNOWING look! It's almost as if they have figured something out. They know Marty hangs out with that Doc Brown crazy inventor guy, they know that the Calvin kid had ADVANCED knowledge of television shows and MUSIC. Clearly Doc Brown of this new timeline also knew who Marty was and what he was going to do some day while he was BUILDING the time machine, yet obviously never chose to discuss it with him, is it so hard to believe his parents might figure it out but not mention it to him either? Perhaps ole George McFly remembered the Van Halen song when it finally came out on the radio. Maybe the parents HAD figured it out. Would it have changed the movie's ending? Not at all. /nYou haven't addressed the BIG problem with this paradox you've stumbled onto. When Marty comes back to the future ten minutes early, to warn Doc Brown, he arrives at the mall BEFORE he leaves in the DeLorean and watches himself go back to 1955. There is a HUGE PROBLEM though. As he gets to the mall the sign says "LONE PINE" when it was "TWIN PINES." The problem with this is it would NOT read LONE PINE until AFTER the first Marty went back to 1955. It would have then changed instantly./nThere is an even BIGGER mistake you missed in mistake number 3. George McFly's first book (about his he and Lorraine being brought together by an alien) isn't written and finished until 1985??? Wait a minute, George McFly was around 16 or 17 years old in 1955. That would make him 47 years old! He waits that long to write a book about how he and his wife met? Or did it take THAT LONG to write it? He didn't write anything else? What happened with all the stories he was writing in High School? It would be illogical that he would write NOTHING until he's 47. Also, does he or Lorraine look 47 to you in the first movie? I recently saw an interview with Bob Gale who was asked why he chose 1955 and he said the following: "we wanted Marty to go back to when his parents were his age, so we sent them back 20 years." heheh. His math was way off when he made that movie, he sent Marty back 30 years. /nMistake 2: You nailed this one but failed to explain it well. If the Marty of 1985 goes to 2015 with Doc, then while they are there Biff steals the DeLorean goes back to 1955 and gives Biff a sports book, comes BACK to 2015 where Marty and Doc still are, but then that Biff vanishes because young Biff manages to change the timeline, then the Marty and Doc and Jennifer of 2015 would have DISAPPEARED as well and the events of the first movie would NEVER have taken place because Biff uses the book changes the WORLD and Doc ends up in an insane asylum instead of making the time machine in 1985. So, you are right, the minute Doc entered 2015 with Marty and Jennifer (and Biff witnessed them leaving) that would have been the END for their timeline and Biff's timeline would have taken over! Good call, but you didn't take the analysis far enough./nMistake 1: I have to agree with you on this one. My first reaction was that Marty, though he might at first be pleased with the changes, would soon REGRET what he had done (for the very reasons you state). Sure, his mother was a drunk, his father was a nerd, but they WERE his parents. These new people are strangers to him and there would have been DIFFERENCES in his childhood that he would have not remembered! You however have missed the BIGGEST mistake of all in this error./nThe minute Marty returned to the changed 1985, the changes he made back in 1955 would have EFFECTED HIM as well. Have you ever seen Butterfly effect? Whenever he changed the past then returned, all his NEW MEMORIES flooded into his brain and was actually causing him brain damage. (Now that's dumb in and of itself) But my point is, you can't go back to the past, change your PARENTS basic personalities, then return to the future and remain unchanged YOURSELF. Marty would not have been dressed in the same clothes he was dressed in at the beginning of the movie, he would have been dressed nicer like his family. His personality would have been changed by being raised by completely different parents! Everything about Marty would have been different and he would have been unaware of the changes. Also, there's every reason to believe he would NOT have even KNOWN Doc Brown, because the Marty of the beginning of the movie hung out with Doc Brown because his parents were such losers. (That was implied in the script). /nFor these reasons, the ending didn't wash with me. /nBut here's the REAL kicker. All of the changes that occur to Marty as the result of his meddling in 1955 would have occurred the MOMENT he entered 1955. Why? Because he was from 1985 and the changes he had made were PAST to him and would have effected him. This is why time travel to change the past does NOT work and is completely impossible. Any changes he made in 1955 would effect him and then would effect the person he was at the moment he traveled in time. The Moment Marty entered 1955 he would have been changed to the KID that was raised by the NEW parents and would not have KNOWLEDGE of his parents ORIGINAL lives but would only have knowledge of the CHANGED parents. (Since the changes occurred in HIS past). It DOES give you an head ache./nThey tried to explain all of these paradoxes by using the "broken" timeline theory. What I mean is Doc Brown explains that they can't go back to the future from where they were because they would go to the future of THAT timeline. In the same way, the Marty who initially goes back to 1955 might remain unchanged because, when he changes his parents he would be creating a NEW timeline. Do you see the problem with this?/nIt's simple. Marty number one goes back to 1955 and changes his parents creating a NEW TIMELINE. When Marty number one goes BACK to 1985, he would go back to the future of the NEW timeline and would LIKELY find a NEW MARTY MCFLY there waiting for him in his bedroom (one who had been born and raised in the NEW TIMELINE he created). NOW THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN AN ENDING!/nOne final note./nYou missed the biggest error of them all. The DOG, Einstein. When Marty goes back to 1955 Einstein is there (as a puppy) so that would make Einstein around 30 years old in 1985. LOL. How long does Bob Gale think dogs live?

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