Epilepsy- A Lecture by Dr. Gregory D. Cascino

Subscribe for the full version: http://www.hstalks.com Watch an excerpt from the Epilepsy and Seizures Series by Dr. Gregory D. Cascino of the Mayo Clinic. The Lectures covers: -Epilepsy Overview. -Reasons for Epileptic Seizures. -MRI images and recordings of epileptic seizures. -Epilepsy in resource-poor countries. -Focal (partial) epilepsy -Substrate-directed pathology (Tumors, Vascular anomalies, Malformations of cortical anomalies, Mesial temporal sclerosis). -PET and glucose metabolism in focal epilepsy. -MRI & Inter-ictal PET study Treatment (Goals, strategies & Efficacy). -Epilepsy surgery. -Long-term and seizure-free surgical outcomes. -Intractable epilepsy. -Temporal & Extratemporal lobe epilepsy. -Non-lesional epilepsy. -SPECT & SISCOM imaging. -Usage of FDG-PET. -Image-guided laser thermal ablation. -Electronic stimulation (Neuro Pace Responsive Neurostimulator System & SANTE).

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