How to make flying tea rocket?

This video explains about flying tea rocket sick science 025. The Tea Bag Rocket is really an adaptation of a classic science demonstration called the Ditto Paper Rocket. If you're old enough to have experienced Ditto paper, you'll recall the bluish-purple ink and that unforgettable smell of freshly printed copies. (Come to find out... both the Ditto machine solvent and the ink were highly toxic, but no one seemed to care back then.) Each piece of Ditto paper had a sheet of tissue paper that separated the two-part form, and it was this discarded piece of paper that teachers and kids used to make Ditto paper rockets. Since Ditto paper is a thing of the past, science enthusiasts have found a simple replacement - a tea bag./nWant more experiments like this? Check out http://www.stevespanglerscience.com/product/naked-eggs-and-flying-potatoes/nSick Science™ is a trademark of Steve Spangler, inc./n© 2011 Steve Spangler Science all rights reserved

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