Explanation of Proteomics 2D Gel Electrophoresis

This video explains proteomics 2D gel electrophoresis. 2D Gel Electrophoresis: Two dimensional gel electrophoresis is the technique for separating a mixture of proteins into spots on a gel. In first step the proteins are transferred into a tube gel having the ability of isoelectric focusing. Once transferred the proteins are separated in the tube gel according to their isoelectric points, now once the protein molecule reace=hes the pH where its net charge is zero it stops migrating and forms a band at that location and since two or more molecules may have the same isoelectric points; this means that the bands formed in the tube do not contain only single type of protein. This tube gel is then transferred and laid on the top of slab gel which contain SDS (sodium deudosyl sulphate) separating the proteins according to their masses. Smaller proteins move more quickly then the larger ones. In most cases a discrete spot is produced by a protein molecule which can be identified by staining methods. These spots are then extracted from the gel and analyzed individually.

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