Jonathan weissman (UCSF) and DNA sequencing

This video explains jonathan weissman (UCSF) DNA sequencing "http://www.ibioseminars.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&... In this lecture, Weissman gives an overview of the methodology that allows the sequence of DNA to be determined. He begins by explaining the classic Sanger sequencing technique using radioactively labeled nucleotides and gel electrophoresis. Next, advances such as fluorescently labeled nucleotides and capillary electrophoresis are introduced. Weissman then explains how automation and improved computing power allowed whole genomes to be sequenced, albeit slowly and at significant expense. Finally he introduces one of the ""next-gen"" sequencing technologies in which DNA is sequenced directly on a slide allowing millions of pieces of DNA to be sequenced in parallel. Weissman predicts that using this vastly improved technology will soon put the cost of determining an individual's genome at as little as $1000"

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Channels: Cell Biology

Tags: Jonathan weissman UCSF DNA sequencing

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Duration: 24m 29s