Why Young Earth Creationists are WRONG, Part I

Here I show using simple observable evidence that the earth is not 6000 years old. To believe the lies of young earth creationists one needs to ignore independent evidence from astronomy, cosmology, physics, geology, and biology. In my next video I will discuss radiometric dating, including its caveats, and show how it proves the earth is billions of years old, exactly what evolution predicts. Creationists love to cite examples of "false" rings as evidence that tree ring dating is flawed. First, false rings can be identified by two methods: alignment of multiple samples to show the ring is false; and ring density analysis to show the ring formed mid season. Second, false rings are extremely rare in bristlecone pines. The one example creationists love to cite is a publication where a scientist grew bristlecone seedlings in a climate controlled room and FORCED them to produce up to 4 false rings a year. They know, as anyone who reads this article does, that these were false rings produced under artificial conditions, yet they LIE and claim it proves bristlecones in the wild are riddled with false rings. Finally, frost rings formed during years of intense volcanic eruptions line up with the recorded years of those eruptions, indicating there are no false rings in the consensus. Some species are more susceptible to false rings. Others are not sensitive enough to climate change to produce the variable rings required for crossdating. Creationists cite these species as examples of why tree ring science is flawed. Scientists know this. It was scientists who discovered these flaws. You know, the people who actually do the research. These species are NOT used to make long series chronologies. References: Creationist quote - http://www.answersingenesis.org/home/area/faq/docs/tree_ring.asp Marker Rings and Volcanic Eruptions - Lamarche V.c. and Hirschboeck K.K. Frost rings in trees as records of major volcanic eruptions. (1984) Nature 307, 121-126 Accuracy of Bristlecone rings - LaMarche, V.C., Jr. and Harlan, T.P. 1973. Accuracy of tree ring dating of bristlecone pine for calibration of the radiocarbon time scale. J.Geophysical Res. 78(36): 8849-8858. and Dr. Charles Ferguson 1968 To download this video go to: http://www.mediafire.com/?dwzc2mkhh1m If you wish to translate this video you can download the PowerPoint file from: http://www.mediafire.com/?mmdhamkditn Learn the facts, spread the truth, and most importantly, Think About It.

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