Lec 7 -Barbarian Kingdoms

"Lec 7 -Barbarian KingdomsThe Early Middle Ages, 284--1000 (HIST 210) In this lecture, Professor Freedman considers the various barbarian kingdoms that replaced the Western Roman Empire. Oringinally the Roman reaction to these invaders had been to accommodate them, often recruiting them for the Roman army and settling them on Roman land. Now, however, they were the rulers of the previously Roman lands of the West. These tribes included the Ostrogoths and Visigoths in Italy, the Franks in Gaul, and the Vandals in North Africa. As most sources about these groups come from the Roman perspective, it's unclear how coherent each group was. In general, the barbarian groups characterized by disorganization, internal fighting and internecine feuds, and lack of economic development. Professor Freedman closes with some remarks on the Burgundian Code as evidence of barbarian society and institutions. 00:00 - Chapter 1. Introduction 04:48 - Chapter 2. Tacitus and the Nature of the Barbarian Tribes 20:30 - Chapter 3. The Barbardian Kingdoms 26:42 - Chapter 4. Intellectual Life after the Fall of Rome 34:58 - Chapter 5. The Barbarian Tribes: Vandals, Moors, Angles, Saxons, and Visigoths 39:40 - Chapter 6. The Burgundians and the Burgundian Code Complete course materials are available at the Open Yale Courses website: http://oyc.yale.edu This course was recorded in Fall 2011.

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