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LEC 45 -Disssection: Human Skull - Part V

"LEC 45 -Disssection: Human Skull - Part VThe bony landmarks for trigeminal nerve anesthesia of a human cadaver. Part 5 of 5. Orig. air date: OCT 31 75 This is part of the Open.Michigan collection at: http://open.umich.edu/education

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Tags: LEC 45 -Disssection: Human Skull - Part V

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Lec 1 -The Neurovascular Supply of the Mid-Face

Lec 2 -Dissection: Vertebral Column, Spinal Cord/Coverings

Lec 3 Dissection: Thorax; Pleura and Superior Mediastinum

Lec 4 -Dissection: Thoracic Contents

Lec 5-Dissection: Human Skull - Part III

Lec 6 Dissection: Human Skull - Part II

Lec 7 -Dissection: Human Skull - Part I

Lec 8 -Dissection: Parotid Gland; Blood Vessels of the Face

Lec 9 -Dissection: The Mediastinum and Heart

Lec 10 -Dissection: Masticator and Lateral Pharyngeal Spaces

Lec 11 -Dissection: Lateral Aspect of Face; Facial Nerve

Lec 12-Dissection: The Heart

Lec 13 Dissection: Facial Muscles

Lec 14 Dissection of Acellular Basement Membrane

Lec 15 -Dissection: Superficial Cervical Region and Posterior Triangle of Neck

Lec 16 -Dissection: Cutaneous Innervation of the Face

Lec 17 Dissection: Axillary Contents

lec 18 -Gross Anatomy: Cutaneous Nerves of the Back

Lec 19 -Gross Anatomy: Cranial Meninges, Dural Venous Sinuses and Cerebrospinal Fluid

Lec 20 -Gross Anatomy: Cranial Meninges, Dural Venous Sinuses and Cerebrospinal Fluid

Lec 21 -Gross Anatomy: Cranial Meninges, Dural Venous Sinuses and Cerebrospinal Fluid

lec 22-Gross Anatomy: Anterior Triangles of Neck

Lec 23- Gross Anatomy: Subclavian Artery and Visceral Section of Neck

Lec 24 -Gross Anatomy: Superficial and Deep Back Muscles

Lec 25 -Gross Anatomy: Scalp and Cranial Contents

Lec 26 Gross Anatomy: Superficial Abdominal Wall

Lec 27 -Gross Anatomy: Abdominal Wall and Fasciae; Thoracic Wall

Lec 28 -Gross Anatomy: External Carotid Artery - Retrostyloid Region

Lec 29 -Gross Anatomy: Middle Ear Cavity

Lec 30 -Gross Anatomy: TMJ, Pterygoid Muscles, Maxillary Vessels

Lec 31 -Gross Anatomy: Nerve Supply to Teeth; Maxillary Sinus

Lec 32 -Gross Anatomy: Suprahyoid Region; Mouth/Paralingual Space

Lec 33 -Maxillary division of the trigeminal nerve; maxillary artery(3rd part) and ptygopalatine fossa

Lec 34- Gross Anatomy: Muscles of Mastication and the TMJ

Lec 35 Gross Anatomy: The Intratemporal Fossa

Lec 36 -Gross Anatomy: Lateral Pharyngeal Wall

Lec 37 -Gross Anatomy: Orbit

Lec 38- Gross Anatomy: Nasal Cavity

Lec 39 -Gross Anatomy: Hard and Soft Palate and Fauces

Lec 40 -Gross Anatomy: Lateral Aspect of the Face

Lec 41 -Gross Anatomy: Cutaneous innervation of the face

LEc 42 -Gross Anatomy: Submandibular, submental and carotid triangles

Lec 43 -Gross Anatomy: Paralingual space and tongue

lec 44 -Gross Anatomy: Larynx

leC 46-Review of Gross Anatomy for the National Boards - Part II

LEc 47 -Review of Gross Anatomy for the National Boards - Part I