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Lec 28 - Surgical Elimination of Periodontal Pockets

"Lec 28 - Surgical Elimination of Periodontal Pockets" The surgery and scaling to eliminate periodontal pockets on maxillary arch. Orig. air date: NOV 10 80 This is part of the Open.Michigan collection at: http://open.umich.edu/education

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Tags: Lec 28 - Surgical Elimination of Periodontal Pockets

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Lec 1 - Oral Hygiene Methods - Toothbrushing and Flossing

Lec 2 - Dental Anatomy and Periodontics

Lec 3 - Reverse Bevel Flap

Lec 4 - Dental Floss and Toothbrushing Techniques

Lec 5 - Periodontal Examination Part I: Examination Procedures

Lec 6 - Periodontal Examination Part II: Charting

Lec 7 - Scaling and Root Planing: Part II Mandibular Teeth

Lec 8 - Lateral Sliding Flap

Lec 9 - Initial or Hygiene Phase of Periodontal Therapy

Lec 10 - Subgingival Curettage

Lec 11 - Modified Widman Flap

Lec 12 - Sliding Flap with Free Gingival Graft

Lec 13 - Gingival and Bone Grafting for New Attachment

Lec 14 - Immediate Custom Implant for the Mandible

Lec 15 - Toothbrushing Part II

Lec 16 - Dental Assistant's Role in Periodontal Surgery

Lec 17 - Periodontal Charting Procedure

Lec 18 - Periodontal Surgery (Muco-Periosteal Flap)

Lec 19 - Instrument Sharpening

Lec 20 - Ultrasonic Scaling

Lec 21 - Periodontal Case Presentation

Lec 22 - Survey of Scaler Design

Lec 23 - Introduction to Oral Health: Clinic Session I

Lec 24 - Laboratory Exercise: Root Plaining & Polishing

Lec 25 - Clinical Asepses in Dentistry Clean Technique

Lec 26 - Alveolar Ridge Reduction for Pocket Elimination

Lec 27 - Disto-Buccal Free Gingival Graft - Mandibular Third Molar

Lec 29 - Distal Wedge Maxilla

Lec 30 - Scaling and Root Planing: Maxillary Teeth

Lec 31 - Bone Graft Into an Intrabony Pocket

Lec 32 - Osseous Surgery in the Maxilla

Lec 33 - The Managment of the Tuberosity Area in Periodontics

Lec 34 - The Gingival Autograft in Periodontics

Lec 35 - The Palatal Flap in Periodontics

Lec 36 - The Double Papillae Repositioned Flap in Periodontal Therapy

Lec 37 - The Laterally Positioned Flap in Periodontics

Lec 38 - Treatment of the Infrabony Pocket with 3 Osseous Walls

Lec 39 - Free Osseous Tissue Autograft to Eliminate an Infrabony Pocket

Lec 40 - Elimination of Shallow Infrabony Pocket by Ostectomy in Retromolar Area

Lec 41 - Gingivectomy Procedure to Eliminate Suprabony Pockets

Lec 42 - Introductory Periodontal Surgery Techniques: Modified Widman Flap

Lec 43 - Introductory Periodontal Surgery Techniques: Instrument Setup

Lec 44 - Introductory Periodontal Surgery Techniques: Distal Wedge

Lec 45 - Introduction to Periodontal Surgery Techniques: Initial Incisions and Suturing

Lec 46 - Introductory Periodontal Surgical Techniques: The Apically Positioned Flap and Crown Lengthening

Lec 47 - Distal Wedge - Mandible

Lec Last - Dental Anatomy and Periodontics

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