Lec 5 - Geography of United States Elections

"Lec 5 - Geography of United States Elections" November 3, 2008 lecture by Professor Martin Lewis for the Geography of United States Elections (GEOG 5) course. Professor Lewis discusses the geographical history of recent presidential elections in the United States, beginning with 1972 and continuing on to 2004, which he elaborates upon extensively. Offered by Stanford's Continuing Studies program, the course will last five weeks, and include a debrief after the presidential election. Each Wednesday, we will post a new recorded lecture on YouTube. Geography of US Elections Course Website: http://geog05.stanford.edu/ Join the Discusiion: http://geog05.stanford.edu/?cat=15 Stanford Continuing Studies: http://csp.stanford.edu/ Stanford Channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/stanford/

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