DIY RF Remote-Controlled Camera Takes Photograph

Things you need: 1 x Camera 1 x RF remote control kit (transmitter&receiver) 1 x Shutter release cable 1 x Power supply DC12V 3 x short lines First step: wire the receiver according to the wiring program Second step: Plug the shutter release cable to the camera, the other side to the receiver. Third step: Press button A to Focus. Press button B to take photograph. (Button C is for B Stop, but we didn't use it here.) Remote distance can be 50 meters. Longer distance is available. You can find long range transmitter from http://www.rfcontrolsystem.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=281 You can also use this diy remote-controlled camera to remotely take photos of dangerous wild animals from a safe distance.

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