15CH DC12V RF Wireless Remote Control Switch Operation

Delete codes: Press the button of the receiver for 6 seconds until LED 2 is off. Release the button, all stored codes are deleted successfully. Learning methods and steps: 1) Press the button of the receiver for 3 seconds. 2) LED 2 flashes quickly, enter into status of LEARNING. 3) Release the button of the receiver and press any button of remote control in 10 seconds. LED 2 will be off, it means LEARNING is successful. 4) The receiver can learn several remote controls of different codes. Setting Toggle control mode: Plug jumper to S1. Control mode Toggle (Channel 1~15): Press - On; Press again - Off. Setting Latched control mode: Plug jumper to S2 Control mode Latched (Channel 1~15): Press - On, other relays Off; Press other button - Off. Setting Momentary control mode: No jumper plug. Control mode Momentary (Channel 1~15): Press and hold - On; Release - Off. More information please visit http://www.rfcontrolsystem.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=360_249&products_id=297

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