Skin: A Protective Coat

A Protective CoatSkin is like a tiered cake with a thin layer, the epidermis, on top and a thicker layer of connective tissue, the dermis, underneath. This is underlaid by subcutaneous tissue, containing fat cells. The epidermis itself is composed of a waterproof layer of flattened, dead cells, a thinner layer of non-dividing living cells and an innermost germinative layer of dividing cells. Just below this layer are the melanocytes, which produce the pigments that color skin. Embedded in the dermis are lymphatic vessels, nerve fibers and sensory nerve endings, blood capillaries, sweat glands and hair follicles. These follicles surround the shafts of hair and each has a lubricating sebaceous gland and a muscle which can erect the hair whenever body temperature falls

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