Dr. Finlay and Dr. Richard Ganem use physical analogies to compare the size of bacteria and viruses to a standard mammalian cell. Also featured on the DVD 2000 and Beyond: Confronting the Microbe M... | more...

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Channels: Cell Biology Microbiology

Tags: Virus bacteria cell size

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What is Gene?

Human Genome Project - Mapping

The process of making a gene library

Building Subclones

How sequencing products are processed.

Enzyme specificity

Fatty Acid Metabolism


Glycolysis pathway - Enzyme match up

Optical projection tomography showing Pkd1 expression in the

Stem Cells Part I

Stem Cells Part II

Stem Cells Part III

Stem Cells Part IV

Cadherins: Structure and Function Part I (introduction)

Cadherins: Structure and function part II

Cadherins: Structure and function part III - adherens junctions and tissue morphogenesis

Cadherins: Structure and function part IV

Cadherins: Structure and Function Part V ( Conclusion )

How joints gets destructed, and can we cure it?

Can viruses be transferred between species: Antigenic Shift

Cloning - presentation

Stem Cells by Joseph G. Marx

Diversity of Life: Introduction to Viruses ( Seminar )

The Early Universe

The Sperm's Once-in-a-Life-Time Journey

Transmission of Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Listeria (Listeriosis)

Stickleback Fossil Primer

Diversity-Oriented Synthesis

Microarrayer In Action

Sexual reproduction and asexual cloning

Mice's life: activity

Are You a Night Owl or a Morning Lark?

Bacterial flora in mouth

Listeria and Gelatin

Salmonella Infection Demonstration

Salmonella Video

How Diseases are Spread? Airplane and Tuberculosis Story

How Virulence Factors get in Cells? A Demonstration


Kidney Function

Penny Glows: catalysts

Tartarate oxidation: colors and gases - catalysts

Dangers of Darwin’s theory: interview with Daniel Dennet

Brilliant Natural Selection? Daniel Dennett Interview 2

Public acceptance of evolution: interview with Daniel Dennet

Museums and Secular Institution: Daniel Dennett Interview 4

Magic beneath Religion - Daniel Dennett Interview 5

World Religion - Daniel Dennett Interview 6

Natural Selection is Blind - Peter Atkins Interview 1

Understanding Genetics - Peter Atkins Interview 2

Creationism - why bother at all? Peter Atkins Interview 3

Acceptance of evolution: does it matter?

Does genetics help understanding evolution: interview with P

Science as Unifying Force - Peter Atkins Interview 6

Moral Instinct's Evolution - Marc Hauser Interview 1

Ramifications Everywhere - Marc Hauser Interview 2

Are we Still Evolving - Marc Hauser Interview 4

Understanding Genetics - Marc Hauser Interview 3

Selection In Human Genome Era - Marc Hauser Interview 5

Influence of evolution on education: interview with Marc Hau

The issue of evolution and education: interview with Marc Ha

Dynamics of Evolution: interview with Ian Tattersall

What makes human different? Interview with Ian Tattersall

Evolution of Humans - Ian Tattersall Interview 3

Common Descent - Ian Tattersall Interview 4

Evolution: an interview with Ian Tattersall-1

Human evolution: interview with Ian Tattersall

Primates and Ian Tattersall: Strong Connection Interview 7

TEDTalks Dan Dennett 2006

DNA Duplication and Mutations

Creationism? Evolution.

C.elegans micro-injection

Egg Micro-injection

Expression Pattern of daf-12::GFP in Caenorhabditis elegans

Syndrome X and Beyond pt. 1

Syndrome X and Beyond pt. 2

Syndrome X and Beyond pt. 3

Syndrome X and Beyond pt. 4

Syndrome X and Beyond pt. 6

Syndrome X and Beyond pt. 7

Syndrome X and Beyond pt. 8

Syndrome X and Beyond pt. 9

Syndrome X and Beyond pt. 10

Syndrome X and Beyond pt. 5

Auto Catalytic RNA: Nobel Prize

Micrarray movie

Rosalind Franklin, DNA Discoveries in Science and Art

Evolution of Human Genome

3D Animation of Neutral Impulses

Neurons and Neuro-transmitters

Brain Plasticity

Use of Nanobots in Medical Technology

Nanobots Flowing Through a Blood Vessel

Diabetes: What most don't know that could save their lives

Dr. Peter D'Adamo: Blood Type, Diet and Stress

Antibody structure - LiaGen

Role of antibodies in specific immunity

Immune System, White Blood Cells, T-Cells, Cancer Cells

Dnatube: Sciencific and Medical video site.