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if you have any question about editing or uploading videos, pls do not hesitate to contact us. Our e-mail address regarding technical issues: admin (at)

Uploading problems;

If your internet connection speed is low ( around 1-20 kb/second ), you may have some problems at uploading videos bigger than 10 MB. If your video file is bigger than 10 MB and your connection speed is low, you can contact with technical editor at admin (at) to send these videos to us. We can upload these videos instead of you under your name.

How will i download the videos?

There is "download" button just above the video screen at video page. When you click on this button, there will be "download video" link for the video will appear on the same page. You can click the "download video", and download it to your computer. Video you downloaded will be in flv. format so you will need to have a "flv player" or "flv converter" to watch these videos. You are required to login to download.

How will i watch videos i downloaded ?

Videos you downloaded at will be in flv. (flash video) format so you will need to have flv. player to watch them. As a DnaTube, we are suggesting you to use following FREE program that supports flv format videos. Click on the image below to get flv. player.
Other choise is to convert flv. videos to another video format which windows media player can play. This is also very useful because you use these converted videos in POWERPOINT and other works. As a DnaTube, we are suggesting you to use following flv video program to convert flv format videos to other formats.

How can I use videos at for my PRESENTATIONS?

You need to download videos from Dnatube. However, you can not use these videos at microsof POWERPOINT directly because these videos are in flv. format. You will need to convert them into video that powerpoint program supports. We tried the following program for this purpose and we also advise you to use it for conversion. After you convert them into "wmv" format , you can add them to your powerpoint works. If you have more questions regarding this topic, pls contact via e-mail ( ). To download the necessary program, pls click the image on the right.