Volcano Formations Explained

Volcano formations explained in this BBC video with geological terms. It is an animation which depicts Iceland on the mid-Atlantic ridge, a great fault lying between the Americas and Africa. Earth's surface is divided into plates and the plates move across the Earths surface causing continental drift. This animation also shows a cross-section of the Earth where each layer is described and named. The theory of plate tectonics is introduced; an animation demonstrates the constructive and destructive elements of plate tectonics and how volcanoes are formed along plate boundaries; an animation of 'hot spot' volcanoes forming on the Pacific plate, Mount Kilauea, Hawaii being a good example. For more info, see: http://hvg.heinemann.co.uk/login.aspx Also see http://www.dnatube.com/video/5555/Volcano-Eruption--Kilauea for Mount Kilauea video.

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