Visual DNA entropy1

Visual DNA entropy1 is demonstrated in this science video. Visual method for representing five DNA and RNA bases U C A G T with five discrete values on the gray-scale: black (100%), dark (75%), gray(50%), light (25%) and white(0%) www.visualDNA.org Icon is a visual 3x4 matrix consisting of four codons (12 same or different bases). Special cases are icons with equal numbers of the two bases (for example 6xG and 6xC). In these cases an icon has high organization if bases C ocupies one its halves and G another. Here, number of neighborhoods between the same bases (connections) is maximal while the number of neighborhoods between different bases (junctions) is minimal. An icon has low organization if the number of connections is minimal while the number of junctions is maximal. There are 8 different highly organized two-bases icons (minimum junctions J=3, 5, 6, or7), while there is only one low organized icon (maximum junctions J=17) that represents the state of entropy

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