Small Intestines Histology Model - Muscularis & Serosa

Methods: Formalin fixed, paraffin wax embedded sections were selected from surgical resection specimens from 10 cases diagnosed as Crohn's disease. The block that showed the most granulomas was selected from each case. Sections S mu-m thick were immunostained with antibodies directed against the endothelial markers factor VIII related antigen and Ulex europaeus lectin, and against the vascular wall components collagen IV and laminin. Granulomas were counted on each slide in the serosa, muscularis propria, submucosa, and mucosa. In each area granulomas were classified according to their relation to lymphatic or blood vessels. Overall, an average of 46.1% of granulomas was related to lymphatic vessels, with the majority of these being adjacent to the vessel, rather than in the lumen or distorting the wall.

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Tags: Small Intestines Histology Model Muscularis Serosa

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