Surgically Induced Astigmatism Phaco 3.1 Complications

3 Ways to Identify Astigmatism Complications: 1)Corneal Abrasions When astigmatic patients visit their ophthalmologists for treatment, they're often prescribed corrective lenses to manage their vision problems. Contact lenses have flourished over the past 25 years. While most contacts are safe to wear, complications from wearing materials directly on the eye are not infrequent. Corneal abrasions can occur if the contact lens gets dirty or otherwise irritates the cornea. This kind of abrasion can range from the completely benign (like getting sand in your eye) to the more serious (scratches that may take weeks to months to heal or abrasions that permanently damage the visual acuity of the patient). 2. Lazy Eye This condition, technically known as amblyopia, can result when astigmatism occurs unequally between the eyes. Amblyopia is a relatively common disorder, affecting nearly five percent of the population, according to some surveys. If caught and treated early, amblyopia can be relatively easily managed. However, in more severe cases, symptoms can evolve to create major vision problems and lifestyle complications. 3. Side Effects and Complications from Surgery A number of laser driven surgeries are typically used to treat astigmatism. While these surgeries have been battle tested often over the past two decades, they're still relatively new as far as popular surgeries are concerned. An improperly cut cornea, an overly aggressive laser or a poor recuperation can lead to all manner of complications, from infections to inflammations to redness to severe vision problems. Indeed, one of the older therapies to treat astigmatism was essentially discontinued due to the fact that many patients developed farsightedness as a direct result of the procedure. There's also the chance that astigmatism surgery can fail to correct the curvature of the cornea correctly. As a result, new vision problems can arise.

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