Making ATP (make it rain remix)

www.myspace.com/rgtproductions this was a bonus assignment for my Physiology of Fitness class last semester. LYRICS CHORUS Yeah, I'm in this business for energy Got a hand full of glucose gonna make me some ATP I break it down, I break it down I'm in this business for energy Got a hand full of glucose gonna make me some ATP I break it down, I break it down x3 I break it down in the plasm x3 I'm eating that Mc Donalds, breaking it down in the sarcoplasm VERSE 1 Incase you didn't hear me I'm in it for the energy bro Split from the bloods with the help of hexokinase yo Turned from that G6P into F16P And now I'm cruising down through cycling, and G3P Just anaerobically produced my first known ATP I make it rain with adenosine tri-phosphate babe Especially when I'm using pyruvate kinase k From pyruvate to lactate we be doing it all day VERSE 2 Hey Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle where you at? Yo it's TCA I'm chillin doin business in the M I T O C H O N D R I A Are you still with me cuz we're rolling down to TCA Lead by Acetyl CoA, where Citrate inhibits PFK From Isocitrate to Alpha Ketoglutarate Decarboxylase, 3 ATP made With three more on the way down south to Succinyl CoA Another ATP on the way to Succinate Substrate level phosphorylation time to celebrate Oxidation reaction to get to Fumarate Gotta get some H20 on my way to Malate bro From NAD to NADH + Hydrogen yo That's oxidation reaction get with the program man Get to Oxaloacetate and that's a grand slam VERSE 3 L I P O L Y S I S is what I'm talking about Hormones bind to receptors then they work it out I'm a take a leap of faith and leave the rest out Cuz you know Beta Oxidation is what it's all about Fatty Acyl CoA starts of the party right Add Acetyl CoA and party all night Making the most ATP's from 18 carbon's aiight In fact 147 ATP's to be precise Written by: Ryan Tatar

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