LIfe Cycle of Bryophyte

This video gives information about byrophyte life cycle. Bryophytes alternate a gametophytic generation with a sporophytic one. Sporic meiosis is a life cycle in which meiosis gives rise to spores, not gametes. Each of the haploid (1 n) spores is capable of developing into a multicellular, haploid individual, the gametophyte. The first structure formed from spores in most mosses and many liverworts is a filamentous, algal-like, green protonema (plural,protonemata). In some mosses the protonemata are long lived with rhizoids and aerial filaments and they often form dense green mats in suitable sites. Cells in the protonema, probably stimulated by red light and kinetin, give rise to shoots, which enlarge and become the mature gametophytes. In the bryophytes, these are the dominant, independent (photosynthetic) plants.

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