Life Cycle of Angiosperm

This video explains the life cycle of angiosperm. The main phase of an angiosperm's life cycle is adult, or sporophyte. As with gymnosperms, angiosperms are heterosporous. Therefore, they generate microspores, which means they will produce pollen grains as the male gametophytes, and megaspores, that will form an ovule that contains female gametophytes. Inside the anthers' microsporangia, male gametophytes divide by meiosis to generate haploid microspores, which, in turn, undergo mitosis and give rise to pollen grains. Each pollen grain contains two cells: one generative cell that will divide into two sperm and a second cell that will become the pollen tube cell. More text information cab be found at https://www.boundless.com/biology/seed-plants/angiosperms/the-life-cycle-of-an-angiosperm/

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