Phdcomics: The Fingerprint of Stars

This is an phdcomics video. Dr. John Johnson's team of astrophysicists at Caltech tells us how to unravel the code embedded in the light we see as stars and why we happen to be made of stardust. It doesn't get any more fundamental than this!/nSources and credits: Credits:/nAnimated by Jorge Cham Featuring: John Johnson, Melodie Kao, Ben Montet and Jon Swift/nProduced in Partnership with the Johnson ExoLab at Caltech with funding provided by the Caltech Innovation in Education Fund. The ExoLab is supported by The David & Lucile Packard Foundation and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation./nThanks to Meg Rosenburg and Crystal Dilworth. Transcribed by Noel Dilworth. Sound mixing by Laurence Yeung.

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Channels: Astrophysics

Tags: Fingerprint Stars

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Duration: 8m 20s