What is sickle cell disease ?

This video shows sickle cell disease. "Sickle Cell Anemia. Written by Paulo César Naoum and Alia F. M. Naoum. A São José do Rio Preto's Science and Technology Academy video. www.ciencianews.com.br Animated by Birdo Studio www.birdo.com.br Full Credits: Production: Birdo Script: Dr. Paulo César Naoum, Aliá F. M. Naoum Direction: Luciana Eguti, Paulo Muppet Storyboard: Paulo Muppet Design: Rafael Gallardo Animation and additional design: Antonio Linhares, Fernando Finamore, Pedro Eboli, Rafael Gallardo, William Iamazi Ferro Sound design: Rafael Gallardo, Antonio Linhares 2011"

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Channels: Medical

Tags: Sickle cell disease

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Duration: 5m 28s