What Every Creationist Must DENY

Evolution is a scientific THEORY. Theories are supported by MILLIONS of independently verifiable FACTS. To deny evolution is to deny all of those facts and the hundreds of scientific techniques used to observe them. Worse yet, to deny evolution is to deny reason and logic, the core of the scientific method. Creationists are willing to deny all of this for evolution, yet have no problem exploiting the fruits of science for their own benefit, i.e. cars, computers, modern medicine. Just like falling is a fact and gravity is a theory that describes why you fall, organisms evolving and speciating are facts and the theory of evolution explains why. If you are willing to deny evolution, why not gravity, germs, atoms, electricity, etc. They are all theories too. Funny thing is, evolution, both micro and macro, have been directly observed. So to deny evolution is to deny a direct observation. It's the equivalent of denying the sky is blue yet refusing to look up. I should add, scientists do not BELIEVE in evolution. We ACCEPT it because of the enormous pile of data supporting it. Just like we accept that gravity follows an inverse square law, matter is composed of atoms, germs cause disease, and moving electrons constitute electricity. Scientific theories are not a faith. You can test them yourself and falsify them. Do you have faith your computer runs on electrons or do you accept it? Think about it. To download this video go to: http://www.mediafire.com/?bwia12zadw6 If you wish to translate this video you can download the PowerPoint file from: http://www.mediafire.com/?ntmdwnmhjhl Learn the facts, spread the truth, and most importantly, Think About It.

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