Lec Last - Concluding Lecture

"Lec Last - Concluding Lecture"Philosophy and the Science of Human Nature (PHIL 181) In this concluding lecture, Professor Gendler charts four paths through the course. The first path traces how the course's three main goals were realized: the goals of introducing students to the discipline of Philosophy though a number of central texts; of considering certain central questions raised by those philosophical texts in light of alternative approaches from related disciplines; and of considering more generally the how various disciplines might provide complementary perspectives on important questions. The second path traces how students' understanding of the main course topics---happiness and flourishing; morality; and political legitimacy and social structures--might have changed over the course of the semester. The third path traces the course's main topics in light of three themes that unify the material---the multi-part soul; luck and control; and the relation between the individual and society. And the fourth path looks at the course in light of three three central quotations, from Plato, Aristotle and Epictetus. 00:00 - Chapter 1. Three Goals of the Course 12:13 - Chapter 2. How One's Understanding of the Course Themes Has Changed 25:09 - Chapter 3. Three Unifying Themes of the Course 45:41 - Chapter 4. Three Organizing Quotations Complete course materials are available at the Open Yale Courses website: http://oyc.yale.edu This course was recorded in Spring 2011.

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