Lec 6 - Inferno XIX, XXI, XXV, XXVI

"Lec 6 - Inferno XIX, XXI, XXV, XXVI" Dante in Translation (ITAL 310) This lecture deals primarily with Cantos XIX and XXVI of Inferno. Simony, the sin punished in Inferno XIX, is situated historically to point out the contiguity of the sacred and the profane and its relevance to the prophetic voice Dante established in this canto. The fine line between prophecy and profanation is shown to resurface in Inferno XXIV and XXV, where the poet falls prey, as did the pilgrim in Inferno IV, to poetic hubris. Once again, the dangers of Dante's poetic vocation are dramatized in the canto that immediately follows. In Inferno XXVI, Dante's tragic revision of the journey of Ulysses is shown to offset his own poetic enterprise, while acknowledging its risks. 00:00 - Chapter 1. Returning to Canto XV and Brunetto Latini 06:58 - Chapter 2. The Prophetic Voice and the Writer of Epistles 12:12 - Chapter 3. Canto XIX: Simony, Sacrilege and the Sacred 32:24 - Chapter 4. Short Remarks about Comedy and the Fall 33:56 - Chapter 5. Canto XV: Reenacting the Aesthetic Temptation 38:50 - Chapter 6. Canto XXVI: Ulysses as a Mode of Being for Dante 01:02:31 - Chapter 7. Question and Answer Complete course materials are available at the Open Yale Courses website: http://open.yale.edu/courses This course was recorded in Fall 2008.

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