Lec 14 - The Mother of All Forums: Civic Architecture in Rome under Trajan

"Lec 14 - The Mother of All Forums: Civic Architecture in Rome under Trajan" Roman Architecture (HSAR 252) Professor Kleiner analyzes the major public architectural commissions of the emperor Trajan in Rome. Distinguished by their remarkably ambitious scale, these buildings mimic Trajan's expansion of the Roman Empire to its furthest reaches. Professor Kleiner begins with Trajan's restoration of the Forum of Julius Caesar and proceeds to the Baths of Trajan. Situated on the Oppian and Esquiline Hills, these Trajanic baths follow the basic model of the earlier imperial Baths of Titus but increase the size of the complex several times. Most of the lecture focuses on the famous Forum and Markets of Trajan, built on land that the engineer and architect Apollodorus of Damascus created by cutting away part of the Quirinal Hill. The Forum of Trajan consists of a large open rectangular area, a basilica, Greek and Latin libraries, and a temple dedicated to Trajan after his death. Between the libraries stands the celebrated Column of Trajan with a spiral frieze commemorating the emperor's military victories in Dacia (modern Romania) and reaching a height of 125 feet. The brick-faced concrete Markets of Trajan climb up the hill and form a dramatic contrast to the marble forum. The lecture concludes with a brief discussion of the Arch of Trajan at Benevento, which depicts scenes of the emperor's greatest accomplishments and the first representations of his successor, Hadrian. 00:00 - Chapter 1. Trajan Expands the Empire and Initiates Public Architecture in Rome 07:54 - Chapter 2. The Baths of Trajan 22:10 - Chapter 3. The Forum of Trajan 31:30 - Chapter 4. The Basilica Ulpia 45:36 - Chapter 5. The Column of Trajan 59:30 - Chapter 6. The Markets of Trajan and The Succession of Hadrian Complete course materials are available at the Open Yale Courses website: http://open.yale.edu/courses This course was recorded in Spring 2009.

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