Irreducible complexity part 2

This video shows irreducible complexity. Archaeologists carry out long and difficult excavations looking for clues, such as tools, works of art, household items and the like, that can provide clues about the history of life and living things. Every remain they find is a discovery in the name of history, and an important resource that can illuminate the history of life and of mankind. Together with the information they contain, all these objects and artefacts are “intelligent designs.” They were designed and produced for a specific purpose. They reflect the labour, expertise, taste and intelligence of the artists who made them. /nIt would be quite irrational to suggest that any intelligent design came into being by chance, under the effects of natural conditions. /nSo what about life? How should people who realise that even a simple artefact from under the ground is the product of design account for the origin of living things, each one of which has its own complexity?

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