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Lec 13 - Law 270.7 Small Hydro, Alternative Fossil Fuels, and Hydrogen

Law 270.7 Small Hydro, Alternative Fossil Fuels, and Hydrogen November 19, 2008 A discussion of issues related to small hydro development; There is a tremendous amount of oil trapped in Canadian tar sands and U.S. oil shale. There have also been repeated efforts to promote the development of a market for synthetic gas, derived from coal. For all three, economic, environmental, land-use, and energy payback issues dominate the concerns. State and federal law play a key role, as well; Many leaders talk about a hydrogen future one in which hydrogen fuel cells provide pollution-free electric power. Hydrogen must be derived, rather than simply harvested. Its production is energy intensive and its broad distribution would require a massive pipeline and storage tank infrastructure. We will talk about where the technology stands and how government is trying to help it to advance.

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