Lec 6 - EE290f Refraction and Reflection, Total Internal Reflection, Brewster's Angle, Kramers-Kronig

EE290f Refraction and Reflection, Total Internal Reflection, Brewster's Angle, Kramers-Kronig EE 290F Synchrotron Radiation for Materials Science Applications (Sp 07) Lecture 6 - Refraction and Reflection, Total Internal Reflection, Brewster's Angle, Kramers-Kronig

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Lecture list for this course

Lec 1 - EE290f Introduction to Synchroton Radiation

Lec 2 - EE290f X-Ray Interaction with Matter: Absorption, Scattering, Refraction

Lec 3 - EE290f Probing Matter: Diffraction, Spectroscophy and Photoemission - Professor Anders Nilsson, Stanford Synchr

Lec 4 - EE290f Radiation by an Accelerated Charge: Scattering by Free and Bound Electrons

Lec 5 - EE290f Multi-Electron Atom, Atomic Scattering Factors: Wave Propagation and Refractive Index

Lec 7 - EE290f Multilayer Interference Coatings, Scattering, Diffraction, Reflectivity and Applications

Lec 8 - EE290f Introduction to Synchroton Radiation, Bending Magnet Radiation

Lec 9 - EE290f Bending Magnet Critical Photon Energy, Undulator Central Radiation Cone

Lec 10 - EE290f Undulator Equation and Radiated Power

Lec 11 - EE290f Spectral Brightness of Undulator Radiation, Harmonics, Wiggler Radiation

Lec 12 - EE290f Spatial and Temporal Coherence; Coherent Undulator Radiation

Lec 13 - EE290f Applications of Coherent Undulator Radiation

Lec 14 - EE290f Visit the Advanced Light Source, Berkeley (ALS); Tony Warwick

Lec 15 - EE290f L Advanced Spectroscopy for Atomic and Molecular Physics - By Prof. Anders Nilsson, Stanford University

Lec 16 - EE290f X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy - XAFS, NEXAFS, XANES, EXAFS - given by Dr. Tony VanBuuren, LLNL/UC Merce

Lec 17 - EE290f X-Ray Diffraction for Materials Analysis - given by Dr. Simon Clark, ALS/LBNL

Lec 18 - EE290f Photoemission and Photoemission Spectroscopy - given by Dr. Zahid Hussain, ALS/LBNL

Lec 19 - EE290f Angle Resolved Photoemission and Non-ARPES - given by Dr. Eli Rotenberg, ALS/LBNL

Lec 20 - EE290f Photo-Emission Electron Microscopy (PEEM) - given by Dr. Andreas Scholl, ALS/LBNL

Lec 21 - EE290f X-Rays and Magnetism - Given by Prof. Jochim Stohr, Stanford University

Lec 22 - EE290f XMCD - Out-of-Plan Bending Magnetic Radiation - given by Brooke Mesler, UC Berkeley

Lec 23 - EE290f Zone Plate Microscopy and Applications

Lec 24 - EE290f Nanoscale Magnetic Imaging - Given by Dr. Peter Fisher - CXRO/LBNL

Lec 25 - EE290f Biological X-Ray Microscopy - given by Prof. Carolyn Larabell, UCSF, and Dr. Mark LeGros, LBNL

Lec 26 - EE290f X-Ray Microtomography - given by Dr. Alastair MacDowell, ALS/LBNL

Lec 27 - EE290f Coherent Soft X-Ray Scattering for Studying Nanoscale Materials - given by Prof. Stephen Kevan, Univers

Lec 28 - EE290f Student Presentations

Lec 29 - EE290f Student Presentations - con't

Lec 30 - EE290f Student Presentations - con't