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Lec 5 - Work-Energy Theorem and Law of Conservation of Energy

"Lec 5 - Work-Energy Theorem and Law of Conservation of Energy" Fundamentals of Physics (PHYS 200) The lecture begins with a review of the loop-the-loop problem. Professor Shankar then reviews basic terminology in relation to work, kinetic energy and potential energy. He then goes on to define the Work-Energy Theorem. Finally, the Law of Conservation of Energy is discussed and demonstrated with specific examples. 00:00 - Chapter 1. More on Loop-the-Loop and Intro to Concept of Energy 11:57 - Chapter 2. Work-Energy Theorem and Power 29:19 - Chapter 3. Conservation of Energy: K2 + U2 = K1 + U1 44:39 - Chapter 4. Friction Force Effect on Work-Energy Theorem 56:13 - Chapter 5. Calculus Review: Small Changes Complete course materials are available at the Open Yale Courses website: http://open.yale.edu/courses This course was recorded in Fall 2006.

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Tags: Bohr Conservation Energy Law Neils Newton relativity work Work-Energy Theorem

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