Revolutionary Advancement in Membrane Filtration Sample Prep

Photonic BioSystems, Inc. unveils game-changing microbiological testing technology. The versatile, enclosed filtration cartridge-based sample preparation technique is expected to change the paradigm of membrane filtration sample testing. Video Contents: 0:00 Filter system design explained 1:50 How the filtration system works: exemplary sample processing 4:40 Small volume samples 5:55 The filter system does what In-line filter cartridges cannot do 7:20 Variations on the cartridge configuration & size 8:08 Sample aspiration from countertop – HACCP type – unusual applications 9:20 Back-flush extrication of captured filtered material 10:10 PCR type cell-harvest, rinse, extraction procedure 11:25 Forward flush-through extrication of reaction fluid http://www.photonicsystems.com

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